Despite only starting trail running June of 2016, I won and set a course record in all six trail races that I did that year, including outright wins. I was the top female at the 20km Herring Run in St. George New Brunswick and finished fourth overall, breaking the course record by 17 minutes. In PEI at Brookvale, I not only broke the women’s 25km record by over 20 minutes, but just missed the men’s record by less than one minute, despite going off course for three minutes. I was the outright winner at both the River & Trails & Ales 12km trail race in Rockwood Park as well the very challenging 25k Fundy Circuit Race at Fundy National Park, with the fastest man coming in 30 minutes later.

My greatest road racing achievements happened in the fall of 2016. I ran a 1:19:38 in a road half marathon, good enough for the course record at the Demi Marathon de L’Acadie, which is an event that has been held monthly since 1987 and therefore has been run 347 times. This sub-80-minute half marathon performance ended up being the top time for Atlantic Canada for the year and I surpassed national legends like Paula Keating and Patti Blanchard on the course. My other top achievement for 2016 was running with the elites at the Toronto Marathon to run the second fastest time ever by a New Brunswicker on a tough day with humidity levels approaching 100% at the Canadian Marathon Championships.  My time was 2:48:55 (placing me 7th in the national championship) and it was also the fastest Atlantic Canadian marathon time for all of 2016. In total, I participated in 18 races in 2016 and now hold more than 15 course records on the road and trail.


In 2015, I had four solid months of racing sandwiched between two unfortunate injury setbacks. Despite this, I won multiple provincial titles, broke provincial records, set course records in all but one race, and had the fastest 5km (17:34), 5 mile (29:54), 10km (37:11), 10 mile (1:01:20), 15km (57:11), half marathon (1:22:11), and marathon times (2:50:51) for the year in New Brunswick. The highlight of my 2015 season was running a 2:50:51 marathon in Sugarloaf, Maine not long after returning from not running all winter due to injury. I won the female title of the Sugarloaf Marathon by 20 minutes and finished 6th overall by performing a 2 minute negative split (1:24 second half), just seconds off the longstanding course record. This ended up being the fastest marathon time in Atlantic Canada for women and one of the top times in the country for 2015.  I was again honoured to be named NB runner of the year in 2015.


My first full year of running was in 2014. In that year I won 13 races and had the best women’s time in New Brunswick for the 5km (17:47), 10km (36:59), 10 mile (1:02:10), and half marathon (1:21:17), with the second fastest marathon time (3:02:51). I was co-awarded NB runner of the year in 2014 with the legendary Dr. Paula Keating.